Absinthe Details
Hailed by “Las Vegas Sun” as the most inventive and daring show to open on the Strip in years, Absinthe combines cabaret and acrobatics in this provocative variety show. Once you enter the white tent, you’re transported to a whole different world. Absinthe at Caesars Palace is the fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle, featuring wild, outlandish acts on an intimate, circular stage. And talk about a close-up: the theater is designed to truly transport you in the middle of the circus action, so you can get quite up close and personal with the performers. Though this racy, adults-only show is downright hilarious, it’s definitely not for timid audiences. It has all the elements of an R-rated movie, but with more glam and allure.
Ticket prices: Start at $109 (plus taxes and fees).
Show times: 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Wednesday - Sunday.
Dark: Monday and Tuesday.
Show duration: 90 minutes
Age restrictions: Must be 18 or older to attend.
Location: The Roman Plaza At Caesars Palace

Exclusive SmarterVegas Interview with the ABSINTHE cast:
Place the following ingredients in a shaker:  One guy who performed with Cirque du Soleil, and is known as the “Gazillionaire”. Mix it together with a woman named Penny who played in the band, Fish Circus. Throw in several acrobatic performers, a flying Wallenda, and a little burlesque. Add something ‘Sweet.’ Sprinkle in a pinch of Angel dust. Cover it up with a big top and shake vigorously. Turn up the heat and get ready to pour out the laughter! What you are about to experience is much stronger than the 150 proof tonic - better known as: Absinthe!

Just like the drink: Absinthe, The Show: Absinthe creates the same euphoric high that creeps up on you before you know it’s happening. There are previous warnings given before you even enter the arena. However, you will miss them if you are not paying close attention. Outside the big tent, there is signage warning that some may find the show offensive. At the beginning of the performance, The Gazillionaire, gives the audience fair warning that this particular show may be too much for the feeble minded. “I think people think its kind of a joke, and then some people in the first 10 minutes say…oh he’s not joking…he is saying terrible things all the time, and then they decide to leave… sometimes people leave… it’s the kind of show that pushes boundaries…it pushes your own boundaries…and I think that’s an exciting thing to do on this scale in Las Vegas. It’s all about fun, it’s all about laughter, it’s touching on some things people are uncomfortable about…and that is an amazing opportunity to get to do on this scale of a show…I don’t think a lot of shows would be allowed to do that” said the Gazillionaire proudly. “If you are not pissing people off – you are doing something wrong – right?, says Penny! more...