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Nick: Sue
From: Las Vegas,NV
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: March, 2016
Always wanted to see David Copperfield. very glad I saw Criss instead..He is phenomenal. .Don't believe any of these negative reviews..Loved it and him...
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Totally Lame
Nick: Simply Awful
From: New Mexico
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: February, 2016
I'm still in disbelief over how poor a production and how lame this show was.
Very little illusions and the what he did do was the same disappearing trick over and over. It was uncomfortable at times because of the unexpected racist jokes ( making fun of japanese and mexicans ) as well as the relentless penis jokes. I can't BELIEVE this show actually exists. This dude has clearly given up even trying to entertain. This awful show should be cancelled.
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Don't waist your time or money!!!!
Nick: Hasmig66
From: Chicago, il
Overall Exprience:
Absolute joke of a show!!!! He barely did any anything. It was the same trick over and over! And a whole bunch of bragging about how great he is and how many hits he has on YouTube! Non of the cool stuff you see on tv where he's walking on water or making people levitate. I would give it zero starts but that's not an option. Save your self the money and watch the street performers! They are far more entertaining!!! No joke!
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Hated it
Nick: MMS
From: Fairfax, VA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: July, 2009
I saw this show 6 years ago in 2009, and am really surprised it is still running. It was horrible then, and it sounds like that hasn't changed. For some reason I thought of it today and searched to see if the show had been reworked and made better, but it sounds like the answer to that is a resounding no. Too bad.
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This guy is a JOKE!
Nick: Nicole and Bob
From: Sterling Heights, MI
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: September, 2015
This guy was a joke. I didn't know if I was at a comedy show or a magic show. He barely did any magic acts. We seen him in Las Vegas. Our tickets were 450 dollars....oh my god I would not pay 50 dollars. He wasted a lot of time on stage. I would not waste your money going to see this idiot.
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Not worth the money and I saw it for free
Nick: Madmoneymurph
From: Montana
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: March, 2014
If there was a way to give this show 0 stars, I'd do it. If I hadn't received free tickets to this show, I would have been horribly upset as the tickets were $120 each. At one point, I fell asleep during the performance. Had the person who acquired the tickets for us not been with us, we would have left the show within the first 20 minutes.
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Save Your Money
Nick: Tom
From: Phila. PA
Overall Exprience:
My wife and I got to see this show. We were excited after seeing Criss' tv show a few years back. The show was weak, at best. We also got to meet Criss after the show. He was stand-offish and somewhat rude. I would save your money, unless you can get free tickets.
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Nick: ISIS
From: Toronto, Canada
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: May, 2013
Criss Angel is amazing, and very talented. I appreciate him as a person who wants to connect with his audience! I appreciate the fact that he tells us about his family and how he got to be a wonderful, risk taking performer! His show "Believe" was very entertaining and I enjoyed it very much, and he and his mexican buddies made me laugh. Criss Angel inspires me! This man does have a Philosophy, a Belief, and it is very powerful! And it is not to be condescended. But then there will always be skeptics and complainers, who wouldn't pay for anything if they didn't have to anyway, because they are simply cheap!

Criss Angel deserves much praise and respect for his energy and knowledge and what he shares with us, while performing!
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Worst Vegas show
Nick: BC
From: London
Overall Exprience:
I went to see Chris as I was so impressed by his tv shows.... So very disappointed in Chris in reality. I found the show extremely poor and would highly recommend for anyone thinking of going to stay away. Chris when he eventually came on stage (had to wait 15 mins whilst some useless magicians tried to be funny) spent half the show talking about his youth or tv work!!!! When he finally did some tricks they were at best poor for the cost of the tickets. Also the crew and Chris spent too long telling the audience they needed to react more... The reason the audience didn't react was because they were not entertained. As for cirque de soleil they have super shows in Vegas but very little cirque in this show.

All in all fair play to Chris for making a fortune but do yourself a favour and see copperfield, or some other cirque show in Vegas. One final comment, I have seem many shows in my lifetime but I have never seen an entertainer asking the audience to stand and clap at the end if a show!!!
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Free tickets to see Criss Angel Believe
Nick: Jules
From: Spring, Texas
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: March, 2011
Part of our vacation package included two tickets to see Criss Angel. It wasn't terrible, but I don't think I'd pay to see it...unless I was traveling with children who would have been blown away by the magic. One big part of the show didn't even work out because they were having "technical difficulties." Was it worth it? Sure, we saw it for free. Would I pay to see it again? No way.
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