Free Attractions Tips

"Streetmosphere" - Venetian
Walk through The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort you will experience "Streetmosphere", an exquisite cast of Carnivale Characters and Street Performers. Italian opera singers and costumed entertainers perform daily in St. Mark's Square, beginning at 11:30 a.m. and continuing until 8:30 p.m.
Circus Performers - Circus Circus
Under the hotels unique permanent big top, Circus Circus presents world-class circus acts for free. Different acts perform each half hour between 11 a.m. and midnight, every day. This is probably one of the best free Las Vegas attractions, especially for kids.
Free Las Vegas Entertainment Attractions
Vegas used to be the land of freebies or at least, stuff so cheap it seemed free. Those days are an increasingly dim memory, but many hotels still offer free attractions designed to lure you, the unsuspecting visitor, into their casinos, where you might well then drop far more than the cost of a day ticket to Disney World. Do not give them the satisfaction. Or do. Whatever. It's your money. Meanwhile, here's a handy list of the best of the free bait, er, sights:

Bellagio Conservatory (in Bellagio). A totally preposterous idea, a larger-than-life greenhouse atrium, filled with seasonal living foliage in riotous colors and styles, changed every 6 weeks or so. From Easter to Chinese New Year, events are celebrated with carefully designed splashes of flowers, plants, and remarkable decorations -- it's an incredible amount of labor for absolutely no immediate financial payoff. No wonder it's one of the most popular sights in Vegas. Open 24 hours.

Bellagio Fountains (outside Bellagio). Giant spouts of water shoot up and down and sideways, and dance their little aquatic hearts out, to pieces carefully choreographed to tunes ranging from show to Chopin. We tell people about this, they roll their eyes when they think we aren't looking, then they go see it for themselves . . . and end up staying for several numbers. Daily every half-hour, starting early afternoon, then every 15 minutes 7pm to midnight. Closed when it's windy.

The Forum Shops Fountain Shows (in The Forum Shops at Caesars). The first of the free shows, and easily the stupidest. We love it, in theory at least, as giant "marble" Greco-Roman statues come to creaky animatronic life and deliver a largely unintelligible speech, mostly exhorting the crowds to eat, drink, and get so merry they will think nothing of dropping a bundle on the slots. Not quite so bad it's good, but one day they are going to wise up and make the thing more high tech, and a little something special will be lost. Daily every hour, starting at 10am.

Masquerade Show in the Sky (in the Rio). Think those Skyway buckets from Disneyland turned into carnival-themed floats, and you've got the basic idea of this overhead parade. Mardi Gras-by-way-of-Rio costumed extras toss beads to the cheering crowd, which probably isn't noticing how creepy cool the floating floats really are. Daily 3, 4, 5, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30pm.

Mirage Volcano (outside The Mirage). The first curbside free attraction, and one of the reasons Wynn made it so you can't see his new mountain and lake show from the street -- because that doesn't bring guests into the property. This had paled in comparison to things like dancing fountains and pirates, but a 2006 makeover amped up the fire, lights, sound, and effects to a much more entertaining level. Maybe not as cool as pirates but still pretty cool. Still wish it had some more awesome-looking lava, though. Every 15 minutes after dark until midnight.

Mirage White Tigers (in The Mirage). Not to be confused with the Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy, this is one, sometimes two, white tigers on display in a distressingly small glassed-in enclosure. Don't worry; the big cats rarely spend more than an hour or 2 on duty before they get to go to bigger, better places. So just enjoy a free glimpse and hope it's a cool day, and the cats might be doing something more interesting than snoozing. Open 24 hours, but cats may not be on display when you go.

Sirens of TI (outside TI at the Mirage). We gave it the star because it has such high production values, but man, it hurt us to do even that. See, this used to be a fun, hokey stunt show, where pirates attacked a British sailing vessel. Lusty men swashed and buckled, cannons exploded, ships sank, the pirates always won. But Vegas is -- repeat after us, please -- not for families anymore, and to prove it, the British were removed (first India, now this) and no

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