Try To Avoid Tips

Avoid excess hotel phone charges
Avoid excess phone charges. We can't stress this enough. Virtually every hotel in Vegas charges like crazy for phone calls. At best, it will be $1 for a local call, and sky-high prices for long distance calls.
Safety In Las Vegas - Winning Money
Vast amounts of money are always on display, and criminals find many easy marks. Don't be one of them. At gaming tables and slot machines, men should keep wallets well concealed and out of the reach of pickpockets, and women should keep handbags in plain sight (on laps). If you win a big jackpot, ask the pit boss or slot attendant to cut you a check rather than give you cash -- the cash may look nice, but flashing it can attract the wrong kind of attention. Outside casinos, popular spots for pickpockets and thieves are restaurants and outdoor shows, such as the volcano at The Mirage or the fountains at Bellagio. Stay alert. Unless your hotel room has an in-room safe, check your valuables in a safe-deposit box at the front desk.
Bringing Pets to Vegas
Las Vegas is not a very pet-friendly town, at least not for visitors. The Four Seasons is the only hotel on the Strip that allows pets, and because it's one of the most expensive hotels in town, you may find it more economical to leave Fluffy or Fido with a sitter.

With the exceptions of helper-animals for persons with disabilities and Chihuahuas owned by Paris Hilton (which can apparently go anywhere they darned well please), pets are also not allowed in most public places, like casinos and restaurants.
Crime rate in Las Vegas
The crime rate in real-life Vegas isn't higher than in any other major metropolis of its size.

With all that cash floating around town, pickpockets and thieves are predictably active, so keep an eye on your belongings and store valuables in your in-room safe or a hotel safety-deposit box. And don't flash your cash; it might attract the wrong kind of attention, and your big bucks will go bye-bye.

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