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Vegas 365 days a year
Most of a Las Vegas vacation is usually spent indoors, so you can have a good time here year-round. The most pleasant seasons in this area are spring and fall, especially if you want to experience the great outdoors.
Las Vegas is in the Desert ?!
Nevada is the driest state in America. It has an average annual rainfall of just about 7 inches. The wettest part receives about 40 inches of rain per year. Las Vegas, being at the heart of the hottest, harshest desert in North America, recevies less than 4 inches of rain per year. Las Vegas has blue skies pretty much almost all year around with more than 300 sunny days. May to September are the hottest months and July and August can be extremely hot, with temperatures over 100ºF, even though eveything is air-conditioned, walking around can be difficult. Winters are cooler but still warm and pleasant, but sometimes temperatures can drop below freezing during the night in December and January.
Best time for visiting
The best time for visiting Las Vegas is in the Spring and Autumn (April/May and September/October) when the weather is warm but not too stifling for walking around. Many hotels close their pools from October to March when the weather becomes cooler. The quietest time in Las Vegas is in early December and late January though Christmas and New Year are the busiest times for visiting.

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